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Email from another Matt Kingston:

Hit or Miss

Email from another Matt Kingston:

“dear matt, you are a fag. change your name because you make me look like a fag. I don’t think those guys are swell, I don’t think they’re swell at all. change your name or I will kill you. you fag.”

No other Matt Kingston stands a chance of claiming as many top Google hits as me.

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What an enlightened compelling argument your little doppleganger makes!

You were so kind to leave-off his URL or e-mail addy.

vis10n | 28 Aug 2002

Ehh, screw that guy. You own the Matt Kingston brand! You are the premiere product in the MK space. Best. Matt Kingston. Ever.

Anil | 28 Aug 2002

Friendly & Gracious. Love the site. Hey, apparently there’s a KIWI Rotarian, and a US Baseballer who share my name. Lucky bastards. Keep at it and nil illegitimus carborendum.

Morrie Johnston | 28 Aug 2002

Dear lesser-of-two-Matt-Kingstons,

Grow a pair.

Jason Schupp (who is a fag)

You realize, Matt, that if you *really* wanted to, you probably have grounds to sue, right? 😉

Jason | 6 Sep 2002