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Todd Time at Target

Hit or Miss

Todd Time at Target

Todd Time at Target. “Leave it to Oldham to take a classic gay fantasy, the dorm room, and make it perfectly palpable for mass American tastes.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the crap Target was peddling under the Todd Oldham Dorm Room label. Most of it is simply repurposed plastic hangers and plates in neon colors. But now that I’ve seen it in over half the rooms of my dorm, I have to admit it’s pretty stylish.

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I needed to get a USB cord for my printer, and I found a Todd Oldham one at Target.

I can’t wait until K-Mart starts making the Martha Stewart Router and Hub Collection.

Bill | 22 Aug 2002

I can see how the plates and stuff would be pretty heinous, but some of the accessories seem kind of cool (and I like the striped bedding). I guess anything beats institutional brown and orange (the colors at my boarding school that drained my soul).

Max | 22 Aug 2002