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Matt as Mastermind

Hit or Miss

Matt as Mastermind

Matt as Mastermind. As part of our hall director training, I took the official, long-form MBTI test and was shocked to discover that I am not in fact an ISTJ (as I presumed two years ago after taking a short, unoffical online version), but am an INTJ, I’ve felt like I’ve been trying to make up for some perceived deficiencies because I wasn’t a “natural student affairs-type person.” I didn’t like the description of my suposed personality type and never quite felt like it fit me (or rather, didn’t want for it to fit me).

As an INTJ, I’m still not the archetypal person that goes into this line of work, but I trust and feel more secure and comfortable and even proud of the way that my personality is described.

I’m going to have to get Ptypes to changes me on their list of personality-type sorted weblogs…

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Yeah – I got a certification in MBTI and asked the instructor what the difference between Keirsey and the MBTI was… essentially Keirsey wrote a book echoing Jung’s theories and the publisher told him he better have a questionnaire attached to it – so he made his temperament sorter. The clincher is that there is little to no data analysis or testing with Keirsey – whilst MBTI is always in heavy testing, re-testing and calibration.

Dig the blog!

Andy | 29 Aug 2002