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Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black. Faux documentary about the typeface I’m adopting as the official font of Dobson Hall. I’m also really proud of the new Coat of Arms I developed for Dobson.

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Here’s my lame attempt to blazon this coat of arms in heraldic language (with which I’m not terribly good):

Argent, a fess wavy, a toaster heart, fleur-de-lis three chief, three base, supported by horse rampant dexter, squirrel passant sinister, a royal crown.

Surely someone can do better. Any SCA geeks out there? 🙂

Chuck | 29 Jul 2002

Very good, Chuck! I think you’re correct about everything but the horse — it’s actually a donkey. The former mascots of Dobson Hall (the squirrel and the “ass”) flank the shield, which has the toaster (our current mascot) in the center.

Matt | 30 Jul 2002