Hit or Miss

Buffy: The Body

Buffy: The Body. I’ve had the episode where Buffy’s mom Joyce dies on my TiVo for about a month now. I’d never watched it before, because I loved her character so much and wanted to remember her as she was when she was alive. But I watched it tonight and it was just as tough and difficult to watch as I imagined it would be. The impact of seeing her body was probably lessened by the episodes of Six Feet Under that I’ve watched, but I’m still uncomfortable with the idea of a dead body.

I’ve never been to a funeral before and I’m frankly terrified of seeing an open casket. My uncle (who I don’t really know all that well) is currently in the hospital and likely won’t be leaving alive. I’m also about to start 3 weeks of intensive training for my job, which would make it very difficult for me to leave for a funeral. I’m honestly glad to have an excuse handy, because I don’t think I’m ready for my first funeral.