Hit or Miss

Moveable Type 2.2

Moveable Type 2.2. I tried converting the contents of webqueeries.com into Moveable Type so I could see what all the fuss was about. It’s a nice CMS, but I don’t think it’s really has all the features needed for running a MeFi-style weblog (like member profile pages). And it’s missing some of the elements I used in my weblog (like the ability to associate images with posts). I’m also frustrated by the need to continually “rebuild” pages from templates. But if I wasn’t running my own server with PHP and MySQL, I’d probably use it because it seems to be the most powerful freely-available CMS.

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the latest release has support for mysql and berkeley db. i haven’t used it, but i’d hope that feature would get you away from that ‘rebuild’ aspect.

wade | 4 Jul 2002

I get the impression that you still have to rebuild pages in MT 2.2 even if you use MySQL. That’s why I’m planning on sticking with my homegrown CMS, which dynamically generates pages from my MySQL database.

Matt | 5 Jul 2002