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Christopher Sieber

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Christopher Sieber

Christopher Sieber. I’ve had a crush on Sieber even since he played the dad on the oddly enjoyable Olsen Twins show Two of a Kind. He’s currently playing Cinderella’s Prince in Into The Woods on Broadway and he recently appeared in the 12th Annual Broadway Bares. Colored me surprised and delighted that he performed a Batman and Robin skit that seems to confirm the rumors I heard that he plays for my team (watch the video).

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I have a crush on Sieber since TOAK too. I love him singing. He could appear more in tv, but I think he’s too busy :-/. I would like to see him on Broadway but I’m from Germany, so it’s too hard to come to New York ;-).

Nicole | 13 Sep 2002

Just so you know…he plays Rapunzel’s Prince. He’s the understudy for cinderella’s prince

Alex | 24 Sep 2002

omg saturday i went to new york and i went to see into the woods and it was sooooo good..so n e wayz ater the show we waited by the side door so we could get their autographs and he was like the 3rd to come out an =d i was the 1st to get his autograph..and i said..hey arent u that guy from two of a kind? and he saidyea and something else but the ppl behing me were screaming fore Vanessa Williams so i couldnt hear! omg he was sooo nice and soo cute!!!!!lol
Letty,13,Houston Tx

Letty | 14 Oct 2002

saw Christopher Sieber on the subway yesterday– he must have been going to his show, Into the Woods. He seemed very nice, laid back, cool, and so very handsome. it’s too bad hollywood doesn’t snatch him up and make him the star he deserves to be.

RW | 16 Oct 2002

You should see Christopher Sieber as Trevor Graydon in “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” He is hilarious as Millie’s pompous boss.

Chris | 18 Mar 2003

I had the opportunity to see “Millie” and meet Christoper after the show. He was doing a fundraiser for AIDS research/awareness and for a donation … I was able to get a photo with him. I had never seen him before. I really enjoyed his performance in the show. I also admired his warm personality and classiness after the show. He just seems to have a kind soul. I am looking forward to his new TV show “It’s All Relative”. The pilot is Oct. 1st on ABC.

Kira | 2 Sep 2003

Today I went to Disneyland and Christopher was there entering the Pirates of the Carribean ride and he was right in front of us and he was so nice and so handsome. He actually was up to taking 4 pictures with me. He is truely humble.

Andrea | 7 Sep 2003

Hello! Check out the October 14th issue of “The Advocate”. Christopher Sieber and his “It’s All Relative” co-star, Benjamin Hickey, are on the cover. As an added bonus, Mr. Sieber comes “out”.
I’m definitely watching that show. Sincerely,
Roman in Austin, Texas

Roman | 27 Sep 2003

Wait…he’s coming “out” or his character?

Christina | 2 Oct 2003

Christopher Sieber himself came out. Actually, I saw him just yesterday at “Gay Day” at Disneyland. We asked to take our picture with him and he was very nice to us and said “Have a happy Gay Day!”

Amy | 6 Oct 2003

Can someone tell me how tall Christopher is and more about him? Does he have a lover/boyfriend/partner? How old is he?

I LOVE him on “It’s All Relative” and WISH he wasn’t gay although my friend Truman, who is gay, is very happy he is gay.

From the posts before me some of you have actually seen him upclose and personal. Can you give us some insights on this hunky handsome actor? Color eyes? Hair? Also, does he sing and if so, are there any recordings I could buy of him singing?

Thanks for all the info. I also like Benjamin Hickey and Truman and I saw him and Jason Alexander in Love Valore (sp?) and that movie made me cry a lot. I am VERY glad Disney/ABC paired Benjamin and Christopher together as a married gay couple because they are perfect together!

BTW, I also like BOBBY (Reid Scott) who IS straight and plays the bartender on “It’s All Relative”. If I can’t have Christopher maybe… just maybe… I can have Bobby, errr Reid??? (DARN, he is married! FUDGE!)


Lisa Greene | 9 Oct 2003