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Hugo the Hippo: Phantasmagorical!

Hit or Miss

Hugo the Hippo: Phantasmagorical!

Hugo the Hippo: Phantasmagorical! My mind has been swimming lately with half-remembered trippy animated movies from my youth — especially this tale about an orphaned hippopotamus (which has been humorously dubbed “Morman Anime“). Believe me — today’s computer-animated travesties couldn’t hold a candle to its psychedelic explosion of color.

Perusing this exhaustive list of animated films leads me to want to track down copies of Hugo the Hippo, or Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure (with its great score by Sesame Street composer Joe Raposo), or Jack and the Beanstalk (with its creepy clockwork witch and Castle-in-the-Sky citizens turned into mice).

Also remembered this morning: Rock and Rule. Mutant cats and dogs singing rock and roll –“My name is Mok, thanks a lot” (Here’s an article about the history behind the film). Can’t get any cooler than that. Today’s children are missing out on a feast of animated films that are far better than the Pokemon crap they’re being feed today…

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How very strange. I just happened to decide to look up the hippo movie this evening after years of trying to remember something about it besides how to spell Hippopotamus, so using Google I searched for Paul Lynde because I thought he sounded like the bad guy (all I remember is him saying “Zanzibar”), and once I found the title of the movie I searched again and your website was the second that came up. The amazing thing is that I used to be a part of PRISM before you were there, back in 96 & 97. Small world! => Thanks for bringing back a few good memories for me!

Rhibert | 24 Jun 2002

Gotta say that Hugo is one of the best films I’ve ever seen! We used to own a copy of it on betamax video casette and when our old beta max video broke down we put it up in the loft for storage. About 15 years later we came to chuck it out and wedged in the tray was the video of Hugo the Hippo, but alas we had nothing to view it on and so it got chucked out along with the player.

I search for it all the time on the net to see if anyone is selling a copy, ive emailed the hungarian company that was behind the animation and various UK TV channels to see if it is likely to get an airing on TV over here again, but I have had no response from any.

I do have the complete soundtrack for the film though with some cheesy, but great songs by the Osmonds. Its on my PC if anyone wants to download it from me – I use Kazaa.com so just email me and I can give you the details.

I really hope that one day ill be able to see this movie again.

Luke | 3 Aug 2002

i cant believe i have finally found a website with hugo on it.

you will be pleased to know that i own an original copy of the film on vhs video and also the original soundtrack on vinyl.

over the years i have been offered vast amounts of money for these. but will never in 1,000,000 years sell them.

i will however try to copy it for you if you want.

one of my life ambitionns is to get hugo re released on dvd and it to become a massive cult film. it deserves to.

i must have watched it over 1000 times in my 23 years. amazing!

email me if you want.


Dan Parsons | 19 Aug 2002

At last, i find i’m not the only person to have suffered. I had Hugo on an old betamax video but when our betamax video recorder broke we through out everything associated with the betamax, including Hugo. I’ve been looking for ir for years with no luck, though have often been beaten by very large sums on ebay, so i knew at least someone else had heard of it. This has to be the best film ever made with the most incredible soundtrack. I really must see it again or least hear the soundtrack- H-I-P-P-O-P-O-T-A-M-U-S. (I was the only person who knew how to spell hippopotamus up to late secondary school)

Paul | 29 Sep 2002

I have many cels of “Hugo the Hippo” and 35 MM film. Do you wish to contact me?

Walter H. Wagner | 4 Oct 2002

Hi Again.

Sadly Im now unable to do copies of hugo any more. I have been getting quite a lot of emails regarding this.

Anyway who has emailed me before I’ll still do your copies.

Sorry to everyone else!


Dan Parsons | 11 Oct 2002