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KDS Rad-5

KDS Rad-5. I’ve been wanting an LCD monitor for a while and finally did a little comparison shopping around online. I discovered that the one my local Walmart had in stock wasn’t such a cheap knockoff like I thought (reviews from Epinions). I’ve been using it for over a week now and I already can’t stand to look at the regular CRT monitor in my office anymore.

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I’m so jealous. If only they were cheaper, I’m a design geek, which means I’ve got so many little palette windows open in Photoshop it’s imposible to live with anything smaller than 1280×1024.

Jamison | 13 Jun 2002

[…] I've got Christmas/Chanukah money burning a hole in my pocket and I've decided I want a new computer monitor. I've had my current 15" LCD monitor for three years and it still works fine. But I have a 19" LCD monitor in my office, so it'd be nice to have a comparable-sized one at home. […]

hitormiss.org: Size Queen | 31 Dec 2005