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Kottke.org Moving to Movable Type

Hit or Miss

Kottke.org Moving to Movable Type

Kottke.org Moving to Movable Type. I still can’t believe Jason kept up his weblog for so many years simply hand-editing it. CMS’s are truly the way to go — I originally started this weblog as an excuse to write my own CMS (first in Perl, currently in PHP & MySQL). But I envy his going with a tried-and-true system rather than rolling his own… there’s something kind of cool about being part of a community that uses the same tool, whether it be Movable Type, or Blogger, or whatever… Sometimes I feel a little lonely. A certain someone who I broke my personal rule and shared my CMS code with doesn’t appear to have parted with Blogger yet…

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Your last two posts are so nerdy and esoteric that, well, I think it’s adorable. Will you go to the prom with me?

david | 2 Jun 2002

I haven’t used yer code yet because I am a bad, bad man! It’s terrifically cool, though. 🙂

Anil | 3 Jun 2002

I just can’t get used to these content management systems. I’ve been doing it all by hand for so long that I grumble at the idea of a fixed order for my posts, among other things.

Unfortunately, not having a content management system means it’s a huge pain to make permalinks to each post, not to mention lack of a comment system.

Sigh. One of these days I’ll have to join the current century.

Chuck | 4 Jun 2002