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Hit or Miss

Why it’s good old reliable Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan Detroit. Good news after my auditions last week: I’ve been cast as Nathan Detroit in our local community theatre production of GUYS AND DOLLS (the Frank Sinatra role from the film). I start rehearsals next Monday and open July 11, so I’ll probably be too preoccupied with rehearsing to do a lot of blogging this summer.

And because I have to find a dark cloud in every silver lining, I’ve come to realize that Nathan doesn’t really get to sing that much (scroll down to end of review). After being cast in a bunch of little-to-no-singing roles in musicals over the years, I’m finally realizing that I probably don’t sound as good as I do in my head…

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Oh, how exciting! I can’t wait to drive up to Kirksville to see it. That whole sounding better in your head thing is tragic, isn’t it?

david | 28 May 2002

Our arts school JUST finished doing Guys & Dolls as part of our musical review (which I was in), so it’s scary to see you mention that now. Wow. Hm. Well, congrats and have fun. I’m sure it’ll be 100 times better than ours.

Scott | 28 May 2002