Hit or Miss

The honeymoon is over.

Bad news: TiVo is discontinuing their 1-800 number for program listing updates. And since there’s no local number for me to call, I’ve got two options: either make nightly long distance calls to another number or figure out how to get my TurboNet card to play nice with my TiVo since it upgraded to the 3.0 version of the TiVo software and download program listings through the Internet. So far, I’m still banging my head against a wall.

I knew I wouldn’t have my TiVo forever, but after a year and a half, I can’t imagine watching TV any other way.

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matt, you really only have to call once every two weeks or so — that’s at least a temporary solution.

rebekah jude | 27 May 2002

If I only let the TiVo call in once a week, then it will take 7 times as long as a daily call — it has to download a week of listings at once instead of just a day — so that wouldn’t really solve anything…

Matt | 27 May 2002

Wow. As a newer user (since January of this year), I never knew that the 800 number had been an option. (It apparently hasn’t been for new users for a while.) So, I’ve been making long-distance calls for program updates for several months now. I’ve been too depressed about it to sit down and figure out how much it’s costing me, but I know it has to (at least) double my monthly costs. Blecch. I feel your pain.

Chris | 28 May 2002

Yeah, I was “grandfathered” in with continued use of the 1-800 number after they discontinued it for new subscribers. I knew they were eventually going to get rid of it, but I thought it would last a while longer (i.e. until after next academic year, when I move to a larger city that will probably have a local number).

Matt | 28 May 2002

So you’ve finally made the break! (Off topic question to follow…) You’re leaving after this year? Have you started shopping your resume?

vis10n | 28 May 2002