Hit or Miss

End of the school year.

So it’s the day before graduation and most of my students have left. After a number of years in higher education I’ve gotten used to the cycle of people entering and leaving my life, but I’ve had my most successful and fulfilling year working in Res Life and I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that some of my favorite students won’t be coming back to my building or campus next year.

What’s foremost in my mind these days is the budget crisis in Missouri (I don’t completely understand it, so I may have to have my favorite political ex-Missouri blogger Reese explain it to me). After having Truman’s budget cut $3 million by the state last year (which is a lot for us as one of the smallest public colleges), we’re facing an additional $3.8 million cut for next year. There’s talk of unpaid forced vacation time, etc; so as a 12-month hall director without any students over the summer, I expect I’d be first-in-line to be furloughed over the summer.