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Church built from Legos

Church built from Legos. The creepiest touch is the crucifix.

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Psst, the woman who runs the page doesn’t let you link directly to the photo page, you have to link to the index page. Then again, if she wasn’t this anal she probably wouldn’t have followed through on such a ridiculous project.

Still, thanks for introducing me to this lovely site. Finally, a real Christian Lego site. I’ll add it to my Museum of wonky Christian sites. Yoink!

Brian | 19 Apr 2002

The Lego church woman is more anal than I thought, she has taken down her site completely because the sites that linked to it (probably just this one) had the gall to ridicule and laugh at the silly project. Read about her misadventures here.

Brian | 21 Apr 2002

How sad… she took it down. It was an incredible work of dedication. I remember spending hours and hours on little lego projects as a child, and this was just awe-inspiring.

vis10n | 22 Apr 2002

damn… i never got around to showing it to my kid.

wade | 22 Apr 2002

It’s a pity the load was too much for her site; it was an awesome piece of work that must have taken a lot of time and skill to execute. It’s a shame so many people didn’t get that.

Jen | 23 Apr 2002