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Hit or Miss

Abercrombie & Fitch pulls racist t-shirts. “Wong Brothers Laundry Service: Two Wongs Make it White.” How in the world did these t-shirts get to the point of being sent to stores across the nation before anyone realized how racist they were? More views of the shirts.

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And not 24 hours later I see an Asian-American prospective student dropped off by his parents for a campus visit wearing the “Pizza Dojo: Eat in or Wok Out” A&F shirt (which you can see on this page). I guess he wasn’t offended by it.

Matt | 19 Apr 2002

Have we lost our sense of humor as a society…. I think so! Can’t poke fun anymore in fear of being labeled a racist.

Ebay’s now blocking the only source for getting these funny shirts. Anyone? I’m in favor of funny shirts, they’re creative, and if you don’t take them seriously, they’re quite amusing. Oh, and I’m not asian, I’m WHITE!!! I guess that makes me an instant racist. Perhaps my asian friends (who by the way would love these shirts) should think twice about being my friend.

So sad we’ve come to this.

Damon | 19 Apr 2002

I hate being called Asian. I’m a CHINK. Asia is the largest motherfucking continent, every other person on earth is Asian. Which is why I’d love a few of these shirts. What a wonderful way to show off my Chink heritage! I’m geting yellow fever!

Brian | 19 Apr 2002

Anyone defending the A&F shirts on the basis of “humor” is on pretty shaky ground, because I’ve sat through funnier calculus lectures. And I don’t mean “not funny” as in offensive, I mean “not funny” as in tired and unoriginal.

I’m not Asian, but I can perfectly understand why someone would be offended. It’s not that these t-shirts are sparking random lynchings or anything, it’s just a few people would like to go… say, five minutes, five hours, or hey, a week without confronting an insulting stereotype about themselves. It’s not that they’re so easily hurt and can’t cope. It’s not that they’re unhappy unless they can complain about something. It’s just stupid annoying bullshit that they shouldn’t have to put up with.

And by “they,” I don’t just mean Asian Americans, I mean anyone who has to swallow it and smile lest they be labeled as humorless chinks, fudgepackers, dykes or whatever.

And don’t tell me it’s the same when Eddie Murphy makes fun of white people, or when a couple of gay men call each other fudgepackers, because it’s not. The context of the statement–in the sense of who is making it and where–make a world of difference.

Mark | 21 Apr 2002

Matt: most Asian Americans that I know are either REALLY offended by it, or actually wants a shirt of their own to wear, usually for ironic reasons. I’m in the latter camp.

ernie | 21 Apr 2002

i’m not really offended one way or the other, so i’ll make note of just two things:

1) one person’s racism is another’s “promotion of cultural awareness through satire” and scholarship fund.

2) all of my asian friends are pissed that they can’t buy these shirts.

wade | 21 Apr 2002

americans claim to support freedom of speech not like communist china, but apparently these idiots here want to censor my posts and delete things that will reveal the truth of how racist people out there really are.
especially abercrombie and b!tch. that’s right. and unless you do some server-side programming to filter out every single word of truth, you can’t stop me. if you don’t put my posts back up, i’ll consider hacking your server ahole, and don’t think i can’t. cause if i have time, i will. you won’t know when or how.

chink | 23 Apr 2002

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but this is not a democracy, it’s my personal website. This is not a public dicussion forum and is not intended to function as such. There are plently of more appropriate avenues to express your frustration on the issue. Your previous posts were deleted because they included inappropriate language and were not signed with valid email addresses.

Matt | 23 Apr 2002

Matt, i said you were censoring my words so i obviously i knew this wasn’t a democracy. but what you don’t know is that i have a copy of every word i said and i can and might just choose to post it up repeatedly until your server crashes. so unless you want to test my patience, you’ll be smart to shut the f**k up and allow this so called comments and discussion forum to include everybody’s opinions including crazy yellow skin, bucktooth, slant eyed, pissed off chinks like me.

chink | 23 Apr 2002

Again, you are missing the point. This is not a discussion board. This is a weblog. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s an online journal of what I find on the web. The comment feature is only to allow brief responses to the posts — not to serve as a platform for other people to expose their own views.

There are plenty of public web forums for people to do that — or you can easily create your own webpage (or weblog, check out blogger.com). Send me an email (using a real, valid address for a change?) and I’d be happy to help you set one up…

Matt | 23 Apr 2002

nah, i’m not missing the point. i fully understand the purpose of this brief comment web log. In fact, i have programmed these web applications before in perl, php, cgi/c,
jsp,asp, etc. i know how this thing works inside and out. in fact, you might even be using a program i invented. you’re using php and this thing is probably using mysql as a database for backend and you have it on a unix server probably. i have already posted my thoughts on many forums as well as sending complaint letters to abercrombie and b!tch. i could hack your server and destroy it in fact and probably put up a porno site on your server to make fun of you. but i probably won’t do so.

i’m fully aware you can only enter a small comment in each one of these posts that’s why i had to enter multiple ones because of the size limit allocated to each of these. i’m not ignorant of these things. i just wanted my opinion heard here since you left all these idiotic posts up which does not represent all the true opinions. you want my email address, email chink@abercrombieandbitch.com

LoL, anyway, i’m not going to waste my time with people who don’t want to hear the truth.


chink | 23 Apr 2002

Where does one start with this:
“you left all these idiotic posts up which does not represent all the true opinions”?
The concept of “true opinions” is definitely my favorite.

Brian | 24 Apr 2002

also of interest may be the recent fiasco on the Colorado College campus involving a very offensive April Fools student newspaper (The Catalyst). It has since sparked several rallies on the CC campus, a village open forum meeting at nearby University of Colorado @ Colorado Springs (CU-Springs) and the issue has been featured in the leading newspaper for the metropolitan area, The Gazette.

Gazette articles concerning the issue:

A reprint of one of the actual articles from The Catalyst (scroll down to a posting on 4/12):

sean | 24 Apr 2002

if you understood the underlying connotations he meant by “true opinions”, then you would understand that he meant the true number of opinions. and instead of trying to find errors in his grammar, i think your hooked on phonics a$$ needs to grow a penis and start attacking abercrombie and fitch and be very offended by the stereotypes these shirts reinforce.

concept of true opinion is something me “the ch!nky” is very much aware of. there are no factual opinions. but the comments i left included true events that show how these stereotypes can cause violence.

LoL | 25 Apr 2002

This is just another instance of people being way too sensitive about things.

Obviously it wasn’t intended to be racist. Nothing on the shirt negatively portray Asians in a derogatory way. Even if they did, they have the right to print, sell, and advertise them. It’s called free speech. And if it offends all of you chinks, niggers, crackers, fags, dykes, white-trash, and yuppies, then you can go to hell. 🙂

Tyson | 15 Oct 2002

Hey can anyone tell me where i might be able to find those shirts…i think there just fuckin hilarious…so in anyone knos email me…later

Lance Uppercut | 12 Sep 2003

i think that a&f SUCKS!!! ok for all of you out there who think that ppl hate a&f cause its too expensive or whatever. . . perhaps you should think again. It takes a damn lotta money to look the way “punks” do. “emo kids” “skaters” we all have our own look. if we were that jealous of a&f then we would just buy it. wanna know why we don’t? WE DONT SUPPORT RACISM!! im sorry but you can do what you want. . i just hope yall are happy supporting a group that promotes ovbious pornography. if you support it . . well then good freakin day.

amber | 28 Sep 2003