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Hit or Miss

The WB has cancelled “Glory Days” and “My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star,” their 2 mid-season replacements that I actually enjoyed — confirming that any quirky show I enjoy is ultimately given the boot.

This brings the total number of shows I enjoyed this season to a 1:4 cancellation ratio. Alias may actually survive the ax; but Pasadena, Glory Days, My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star, and The Mole 2 never had a chance to catch on. Smallville, which I originally enjoyed, is now quite possibly the lamest show on TV next to the amazingly bad Enterprise, which will never fail thanks to its built-in audience.

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I’m with you all the way up to your dis of Enterprise. C’mon, Matt! Didn’t you see the episode where Trip spent the entire first half in his underwear? Now that’s good television.

Bill | 11 Apr 2002

Check out “Connor Trinneer on ENT and “Underwear” Acting.” If I want to see guys running around in their underwear, I can find plenty of photos on the internet. I’d rather see some real acting and engaging plots on Enterprise (like the previous series – William Shatner notwithstanding).

Matt | 11 Apr 2002