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Be like Matt.

Hit or Miss

Be like Matt.

  1. Go see cutie Jesse Bradford in Clockstoppers.
  2. Go play Sonic Adverture 2 on GameCube.
  3. Go listen to David Yazbek’s Damascus.

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yazbek! a friend told me i needed to buy his music – because i’m such an XTC fanatic. thanks for the reminder.

note to self: purchase entire david yazbek catalog tomorrow.

wade | 7 Apr 2002

I discovered Yazbek through his funky songs for the new musical version of The Full Monty. His pop work is even cooler. His most recent album, Damascus, is still as quicky as ever, but almost seems a little bit overproduced. But still more worth listening to most of the schlock on the radio today.

Matt | 7 Apr 2002