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Hit or Miss

Does anyone know how to most easily register an expired domain name the moment it becomes available? There’s a particular domain name set to expire soon that I want to grab (it not attached to any website and it looks like the guy hasn’t made any modifications to the record since he registered it). I’ve found a couple of services like SnapNames.com which will monitor expiring domains for you, but it costs $69 dollars and I know I can register domain names for a lot less elsewhere…

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From my experience, it’s not at all easy to snap up a name. The date of expiration is only on part of the entire mess of severing ties to a domain name: most domain resellers will hold the domain for 90 days or so as they try to get payment and such… so here’s my suggestion: call the guy.

vis10n | 17 Mar 2002

I would have emailed the owner, but there’s no email address listed. And even if I wasn’t too cheap to call England, there’s no phone number listed either. The expiration date is coming up on March 23, so do you think a letter would reach him through the post?

Matt | 17 Mar 2002

I think you’re better off not talking to him, but talking to the registrar who it was registered through. If you talk to him, he’ll register than ask you to pay more. There registrar probably doesn’t care who buys it, and usually have rules about domain name pricing.

Neale | 18 Mar 2002