Hit or Miss

Interactive Frame Selector

Interactive Frame Selector. The virtual way to try on different pairs of glasses.

I went shopping for new glasses today and brought along my digital camera, so I could see what they looked like. But I’m already having second thoughts — I probably should have gone with these instead of these.

Update: Here’s a product shot for the frames I bought — “Detour” from Dakota Smith (in “Clove”).

“This updated rectangular metal and zyl combination frame is easy to wear for both men and women.” After we finished all the paperwork, the woman who was helping me casually dropped that a female coworker had the exact same frames — which does wonders for my sense of masculinity.

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I like the first pair a lot. The second pair has more chutzpah, which necessarily means they’ll be out of style sooner.

You look great in both… but I’d have to concur: you looked _best_ in the first (but that may be just because your teeth in the second photo were effervescent green — gotta love what florescent light does to photography!).

vis10n | 15 Mar 2002

Oops. I had to mess with the brightness and contrast so much on that photo that it left my teeth looking a sickly yellow, so I tried to whiten them digitally — I guess my color blindness strikes again because they don’t look green at all to me.

It’s hard to tell because of the brightness/contrast problems, but the frames are actually kind of a medium brown with a light green undertone on the inside of the frames. The other glasses (which I didn’t get) were a kind of tortoise-shell — I probably would have gotten them if they were as dark brown as they look in the photo.

Matt | 15 Mar 2002

Okay, I’m too self-conscious. I replaced this photo with this one.

Matt | 15 Mar 2002