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Hit or Miss

Am I the only person whose ears sweat when they’re talking on the phone? My new office phone has a large caller ID screen at the top and it seems like I’ve got to wipe it off everytime I get done with a call.

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Happens to me all the time. I think it’s a family thing, because even with regular wiping the phones at my mom’s house get gunked up in about 6 months.

Kristian | 3 Feb 2002

Oh, mine sweats awfully. Mostly on my cell phone, but really any phone with a concave bit in the earpiece.

Jen | 4 Feb 2002

Maybe it has to do with what you are talking about, you dirty dog you. What else are you wiping off? eww.

Brian | 4 Feb 2002

That happens to me sometimes. Depends on how tightly I plaster the phone to my head, and how hot it is in the room.

Jason | 4 Feb 2002

I have a somewhat different phone problem. If the phone has the keypad and a hangup button on the handset, and if I smile broadly or laugh during the call, my cheek will hit the button and disconnect the call. Same thing happens to my sisters. “It’s those Taggart cheeks,” they say. Sheesh.

Chuck | 8 Feb 2002