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Hit or Miss

And I thought my CS department was bad…

“I’ve been able to graduate without writing a complete program in C++, never seeing one HTML tag, and never even looking at VB. I do have four semesters of Ada under my belt though. Yeah, that’s right. Ada.”

I totally empathize with Bob — my computer science major was very focused on theory as well. We never studied the web, but of course that was 5 or 6 years ago.

But I still don’t understand Truman‘s focus on Ada. Ada??? I can only theorize that the university hopes to turn out programmers for the military and aviation fields in St. Louis.

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My two big computer science classes at Vassar were taught in Scheme (a variant of Lisp) and Modula 3. I think this is better than OK.

It could have been worse than bad, y’know.

Mike B | 29 Jan 2002