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Hit or Miss

I did a photo shoot today, trying to gather new graphic elements for a redesign of matthewkingston.com, but wound up inspiring a redesign of this site instead. I’ve been wanting to reshoot my old logo for a while…

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I’m so self-amused by this that I have to share… the photo of me growling (on the right) wasn’t menacing enough, so I photoshopped the mouth at an angle to make me look angrier.

Matt | 27 Jan 2002

Hahaha! That’s awesome. And the new logo rocks like a magikist. I love this design!

Jason | 28 Jan 2002

This layout is my favorite so far. Good job. Photoshop puts a scowl on my face only when I can’t make it do what I want. It looks like you know exactly how to make it do what you want — which is put a scowl on your face. It’s groovy, I tell you. Groovy.

Richard | 28 Jan 2002

Whoa! Was it always flashified?

Jason | 29 Jan 2002

Wow. Insanely cool redesign.

Mark | 3 Feb 2002

I must say who ever does your photo shoots is just amazing. I think the pictures turned out great!!

Morgan | 3 Feb 2002

Yes, Morgan. You’re right — you did a great job. Thanks again!

Matt | 3 Feb 2002