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Hit or Miss

Why is it that straight people think they can pair any two gay men with each other and we’ll instantly hit it off and want to date? I understand that my dating prospects are virtually nil in this town, but I’m frankly embarrassed by my own behavior this weekend.

Sure, I’ve been calling this guy the MFB (“My future boyfriend”) for a few months, but it’s just a joke, right? Just something to say about the only other eligible single guy my own age I know in town, because we’re totally not each other’s type, right?

Instead, it lead to us being squished side by side at the bar, each half-sloshed, while our mutual friends kept poking us in the ribs and making lewd side-comments about how we should get it on with each other. And I played into it, making a few bold and direct comments to the other party myself.

And then we both left with our respective friends. And I’m mortally embarrassed about running into this person ever again.

Now I know why All Over the Guy got such bad reviews…

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God. I can so relate. But I’m too embarrassed to go into more details, but… argh. Argh.

Ernie | 23 Jan 2002

I just had an idea! I know this gay guy in Kirksville named Neal… He’s kind of in the closet because of his job, but apart from that you guys would definitely hit it off…

At least your friends fix you up. Mine leave me to fend for myself.

David | 23 Jan 2002

Ah, lovely. The well-meaning straight friends. When they say, “I know someone who would be PERFECT for you!”, it really translates as, “I know ANOTHER gay man!” Yeesh. My sympathies, Matt.

Chuck | 24 Jan 2002

This seems an interesting parallel to my parents’ firm conviction that any woman they meet willl be perfect, as long as her lineage traces back to the Indian subcontinent.

Yep, sucks all around. 🙂

Anil | 24 Jan 2002

Matt, I don’t think this is in any way peculiar to gays. As a “regular” Jewish single guy, I have found that well-meaning(?) individuals will try to match me up with any woman who is Jewish and single (or often merely single), proclaiming her “the perfect match.” It doesn’t matter if those individuals know nothing about her (or me) other than that we’re single– that should somehow be sufficient. Pairing up any two random single people should result in a match, and if it doesn’t something is wrong with one or both people. On the other hand, if you have enough random encounters you’re bound to get a Date From Hell out of it at some point. Good for a laugh or two.

Ted | 27 Jan 2002