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Your CSS Bores Me

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Your CSS Bores Me

Your CSS Bores Me. I admit it, I’m not a particularly imaginative designer. My previous CSS-only designs were very cookie cutter (via zeldman).

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He asks why there isn’t more CSS… I’ll tell you: it’s too damn hard to learn, and too damn difficult to de-bug… not to mention the promised shangri-la of cross-browser compatibility is nowhere to be seen.

vis10n | 18 Jan 2002

So far, CSS hasn’t been that much harder to learn than than HTML, really. As for the cross-browser compatibility… things are getting better with each new browser release. Wouldn’t it make sense to get your feet just a bit wet now?

Jason | 19 Jan 2002

Learning CSS demands time that is otherwise dedicated to clients… and the oft-neglected personal life.

The difficulty in learning CSS is not that I am dimwitted, or otherwise incapacitated — nor that it is inherently kluggy, awkward, or cryptic. Not at all.

The difficulty in learning CSS is that it demands that I dive back into coding… something I have successfully convinced my client base which is best left to techies. Diving into CSS means that I will probably have to learn JavaScript (which _is_ inherently kluggy, awkward, and cryptic), PHP, among others.

It is a slippery slope… and one that I am not inclined to navigate. I can’t imagine, though, that I am alone in this perception. Certainly others consider CSS beyond them in the guilt-by-association vein.


vis10n | 21 Jan 2002