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Hotmail “keep your account” spam

Hotmail “keep your account” spam. Probably the lamest spam / fake chain letter I’ve ever seen (why do spam usually have so many spelling/gramatical errors?). The person who forwarded it to me sent it to 26 people, only a few of whom actually had Hotmail addresses. (update: Snopes page on the hoax).

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HAHAHAHAHA oh bloody hell. “Quick! Hotmail emergency!? Freakout!”

You know what gets me? Is when I send out a list of URLs to folks so that they don’t get suckered by Internet hoaxes, and they STILL send me email-tax emails and whatnot. There’s no helping some people!

Jason | 17 Jan 2002

I know! And the worst, is sometimes they’ll add a preface: “I know I don’t normally send these things.. but this one seems legit…” There must be something done about these forwards. We should start a committee that will pressure the industry to hide the “Forward” button on email clients by default. Only if you’ve had “the Internet” for more than 18 months do you get the option of having the forward, or cc: options. Everyone else.. DENIED!

Steve | 18 Jan 2002

Andrew has an excellent resource for just this sort of thing. 🙂

Jason | 18 Jan 2002