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And I am out of here…

Hit or Miss

And I am out of here…

I’m heading to Chattanooga (yes, on Xmas eve) to visit my folks for 17 days. What I accomplished today was:

  1. Figuring out how to fit everything into one small suitcase.
  2. Ripping 30 or so albums to MP3s CDROMs.
  3. Finding out that Jason Kottke linked to my TiVo page, realizing my recent attempt to redesign looked like shit, and hurriedly dredging up an old site template that I didn’t absolutely hate.

During my vacation, I’ll be:

  1. Writing about what is likely to be a harrowing flight experience as I fly to Tennessee via 4 puddle-jumper legs.
  2. Taking advantage of being in civilization (ie, near a mall) and shopping at the new Old Navy and Best Buy by my folks.
  3. Shopping for a CDROM-based MP3 player.
  4. And, hopefully coming out to my parents.

Merry Christmas!

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Well, I liked what you had earlier in the day, but this design is really great. I don’t know why you hate it. Stick with it Matt.

You haven’t come out to your parents!

The plot thickens.

david | 24 Dec 2001

Best of luck with the planes and the parents…

Vis10n | 24 Dec 2001

ditto, ditto, ditto.

dlevy | 24 Dec 2001

Wow, how do you even prepare for #4?

Bart | 27 Dec 2001

… definitly wish you good luck, though.

Bart | 27 Dec 2001

{{ Matt }}

(Those hugs are imported from England, baby!)

TheBrad | 27 Dec 2001

I’m with David on this one…I didn’t mind the previous design at all.

And good luck with the parents; I hope everything goes well.

jkottke | 27 Dec 2001

Matt, best of luck with your parents. I know you have been gearing up for this for a *very* long time- how happy will you be when this is all behind you?!! Hang in there, friend!! I met you Mom, she seems totally chill and rational… hopefully this whole thing will just be a nothing with a cheerful parental reaction hardly worth blogging!!! My fingers are crossed, friend!

Bertie | 28 Dec 2001

I am totally with Bird on this one, friend! The best of luck with the parents and the plane ride!! You’ll have to call or email when you get back to middle-of-nowhere-Missouri! Also, Happy Holidays and thanks for the interesting card!

Shannon | 30 Dec 2001

I’m sure you’ll be fine Matt. I did it 16 years ago at age 14 and although my parents freaked a little, they adjusted pretty quickly. As for the bigot – chill! Big huggles from the smoke choked city of Sydney, downunder.

andrewf | 30 Dec 2001