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All Over the Guy

Hit or Miss

All Over the Guy

All Over the Guy. Quirky film about an unlikely couple that could have just as easily been a heterosexual pair instead of two men. I’m ranking it up with The Sum of Us and The Hanging Garden as a favorite glbt film, but I hesitate to call it a “gay movie”. I can’t recommend it enough.

But I’m really bummed by all the negative reviews I found of the film. Do I have bad taste in movies?

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no! you have great taste in movies! i loved this picture from the first time that i saw it and i have seen it 10 times since then. no lie, i even ordered the dvd so i could have a good copy (not the crappy tv taped copy i have now).

this is the first time i have seen a gay relationship and it’s problems handled well. there aren’t the stereotypes that fill the other hollywood movies and i hope that we see more pictures where gays, lesbians and transgender persons are treated fairly. and frankly, treated like everyone else.

Sean Flynn | 7 Oct 2002