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Hit or Miss

I’ve been working on a redesign of the site (which I’ve entitled the “Price is Right” design), but I’m not happy with it.

In addition to the blog content of this site, I want to be able to integrete other little snippets of information, like recent comments, links to other sites, my reading and listening list, info from my Tivo, and headlines from webqueeries.com — all on the same page, all with prominence. But I’m still trying to decide how to make it all fit, and how many of the pages it needs to show up on.

It’s a battle of minimalism vs. functionality and I don’t know which side will win yet.

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You didn’t exactly ask for it… but here goes: I like the last design (the one previous to the PIR design). It had everything you wanted on it… but let the focus be on the text.

Earlier this morning, you had a different version of the PIR design which let the body text flow all over dickens. Ew.

For readability, lines of text should be between 9-12 words wide.

Anywho, that’s my two cents.

vis10n | 17 Dec 2001

Minimalism v. functionality? Sounds like my social life.

Anonymous | 18 Dec 2001

Er, that last one was me. Didn’t this place used to remember my name? :-/

TheBrad | 18 Dec 2001

love bob barker. Ifound the constant changes up there kind of entertaining. please change the pic of the week!

david | 18 Dec 2001

I have to say, your automated Tivo information makes yours one of the coolest weblogs ever, IMHO. (Not to mention your spiffy content. 🙂

BrainDan | 19 Dec 2001