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Hit or Miss

As Matt of scrubbles.net points out, my Chocodile post continues to collect comments (currently 24), beating out my post about the lame redesign of the Letter People (11 comments). But the champ is still my post about goofy country boy band Marshall Dylon, with a whopping 53 comments! Thank heavens for Google referrals.

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The MD thread is still going on? Hahahahahahaha!!! That’s my favorite. 🙂

Of course, with this post, you’re going to draw even more attention to it, and will get more comments!

Btw, I love the redesign, with the Price is Right. It’s one of my favorite game shows too! I didn’t comment to the post with the link to that one page with all the video clips because I was too busy enjoying the bloopers. 🙂

Jason | 16 Dec 2001