Hit or Miss

And the money keeps rolling out…

I didn’t want to wait and order the DVD of Hedwig and the Angry Inch through Amazon, so I went to the local Hastings tonight expecting to pay an arm and a leg and then remembered that I have an Educators Discount card (why do I always forget I have it?) which dropped the price down to $15. I’m watching the documentary first and it’s some fantastic stuff.

I also Xmas shopped a little for my parents: My mom told me that they just bought a 5 CD changer/DVD player/Home Theatre system (to replace the broken stereo with 8-track player that has sat in our family room since 1971). I asked her if I could buy them a TiVo to go along with it, but she said she’d rather have a CD instead since they currently only have two. Yes. They have a 5 CD player but only two CDs. Only my mom and dad.