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2001 Danish Cast recording of CHESS

Hit or Miss

2001 Danish Cast recording of CHESS

2001 Danish Cast recording of CHESS. How much do I love the score to CHESS? So much that I paid $50 two years ago to import the Gothenburg Concert Cast and just now paid $50 for this 2-CD set. It reportedly uses the orchestrations from the never recorded West End version and features some great singing (in English). Next, I’m going to have to put some money in my PayPal account so I can buy the bootleg of the Broadway Cast.

update: I just bought the bootlegs of both the Broadway and Australian casts. Somebody please stop me! 🙂

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You must explain CHESS to me. I’ve never been able to get into it, though the two girls songs (“story of the girls is me” and the “he can’t be mine” duet) are among my favorite show songs from all time.

David | 13 Dec 2001