Hit or Miss

I have seen IT and IT is cool.

I caught the unveiling of new Segway scooter today on Good Morning America, and I am entranced. I know a lot of people are disappointed, but I feel like I’ve looked into the future. I got a tingly feeling completely different from the day I first plugged in my TiVo or saw the ads for new Handsping Treo — those are devices that I can see as logical extenstions of current technology. Instead, when looking at those people zooming around on the Segways, blancing upright without effort, I felt like I was watching a special effects shot from a movie, except it was REAL.

The only problem I forsee with the Segway is that it could make our country even more obese than it already is. While I’d love to have a Segway to tool about campus, it would eliminate the little exercise I get right now from walking…

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Hey, Matt, you might want to fix that link…

dlevy | 4 Dec 2001

Dude. You’re way too fast. I was just submitting the above post before finding and pasting the link in because my computer was acting buggy and I didn’t want to lose it and have to retype it. It’s only been like 2 minutes.

Matt | 4 Dec 2001

Well, you know, we had to go and rebuild dlevy so he’d be better, faster, stronger — and now we have to live with it. 🙂

Jason | 4 Dec 2001