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“I want a soulmate. At

I want a soulmate. At least for the holidays. Longer would be great, but at least for the holidays. Though honest to god the thought of being married as in “Hello, this is my husband, lover, partner, my whatever I’ll have to ask my whatever and let you know and well, I have a whatever and blah blah blah…” usually makes me want to carve into my wrists with the housekeys, I’m bummed out at the thought of going it alone this year.”

I’m totally on the same wavelength with Richard. While everybody I know seems to be leaving for Thanksgiving vacations with boyfriends and girlfriends, I’ll be sitting alone in my tiny little apartment for a week.

I’m not too broken up about the fact that I live in a small little podunk town where there aren’t any gay men my age to date. What does bother me is that (given my impression of the shallow, vacuous gay community I’ve known thus far) I’m not likely to find a guy who shares the same combinations of passions for technology, the fine arts, and pop culture that I do. But it doesn’t even need to be a gay man (or even a man). I guess I’m just feeling like I’ve never known anyone who I feel like I connect with on more than just a few levels — someone who I could the discuss the particulars of different Linux distributions with, after we’ve sat and listened to the entire cast recording of Dreamgirls. A soulmate.

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OK, that’s it: I hereby call for a gay blogging road trip to Kirksville! Who’s in? 🙂

Chris | 19 Nov 2001

Well, there’s this damn no-money-no-car thing.

But do come to New York, sweetie. Like a big gay supermarket, one of the good ones that has both fancy and cheap stuff. (On the same shelves, sometimes.)

Mike B | 20 Nov 2001

So. If I drove out to Kirksville (it’s only… what could we do? I mean, I’m a damn fine cook and all… but are there any good bookstores? Any nice cafes?

Besides…where would I stay?

I’m kicking it alone as well… maybe I’ll just have to keep AIM on all day. : )

Vis10n | 20 Nov 2001

Thanks for the kind thoughts guys, but I’m okay. Really. I’m healthy and financially solvent and I have some nice friends. There are many people who go through life without ever finding a soulmate, but I’ve still plenty of years to run into mine…

Matt | 20 Nov 2001

Whoa… what happened to the look and feel?

Vis10n | 21 Nov 2001

Dude, you’re not the only one without a s/o on Thanksgiving. And when you’re done there, you really need to move to SF. You’re soulmate is around here somewhere… I feel it.

Elan | 21 Nov 2001

Man… it just changed again! And it’s better…

Vis10n | 21 Nov 2001