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“The competition” hits my building

Hit or Miss

“The competition” hits my building

The competition” hits my building. One of my residents bought a ReplayTV today off of Ebay. I kidded him about how he made a mistake and should have bought a TiVo instead, but I’m secretly thrilled that there will be someone else in the building to sing the praises of timeshifting TV programs — I’m tired of being the lone prophet of the coming entertainment revolution. I can’t wait to check out how his system works and compare it to mine (even though we all know TiVo *is* far superior).

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Okay Matt… we want fair reporting on this one! None of that tivo-bias you mainstream media markets are known for.

First question: how many hours? Is it one of those Replay models that has a couple of hundred hours?


Vis10n | 16 Nov 2001

I promise to try and be impartial (I type while wearing my brand new long-sleeve blue TiVo tshirt).

The guy in buiding bought an older model RePlayTV (30 hours I believe). He’s already planning to hack it and add another hard drive.

I don’t believe those new RePlayTCV 4000’s are out yet — I hear the company is getting sued by a bunch of networks because of the ethernet port and the ability to share programs — the new boxes may never get released…

Matt | 16 Nov 2001