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Hit or Miss

Since it has been a while since my last Sondheim spending spree, so I ordered and received today the new studio recording of The Frogs & Evening Primrose and two of my favorite tribute albums,
Sondheim Evening: A Musical Tribute (The “Scrabble” Album) and
A Stephen Sondheim Evening (“You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow”), to replace my old, worn-out cassette copies.

But the best item was the Follies In Concert documentary, newly released on DVD. It’s such a shame that the entire concert wasn’t included, but the parts that are on the DVD have my hair still standing on end. What an amazing night that must have been.

Makes me wish I lived in New York. What a treat it must be to be so close to so much theatre. Not just the special concerts and tributes (like the recent Dreamgirls In Concert), but all the shows which perform every night of the week. I’m such a tight-ass with my money, but I should really think about making a trip to New York to visit Broadway. But I just hate to travel alone and I don’t have anyone in my life that appreciates theatre the way I do and would make the visit with me.

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Well, look on the bright side: if you ever feel the need to go to a Marshall Dyllon concert, you’ve got plenty of new friends to accompany you! Heh.

Chris | 23 Oct 2001

Ouch, Chris.

Matt, I’d think that you might not have anyone to travel with, but I’d bet there’s a whole slew of New York blogboys who’d be more than willing to accompany you as you traipse around the city. Who knows, maybe they’d even put you up? You really ought to make the trip out, even if it’s just for a long weekend. It’s well worth it.

Bill | 24 Oct 2001

It’s true, we are a very charming and hospitable bunch, and we can provide pointers on the best stuff worth seeing. Come, come…

Sparky | 25 Oct 2001

I was just writing something, then looked up and realized it was exactly what Bill wrote.

But I *am* a New York blogboy, so I can say it with confidence.

Mike B | 25 Oct 2001