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Hit or Miss

What’s up with the new official UPN Buffy website? The episode recaps list “body counts” and next week’s preview reads:

What’s up? Are Tara and Willow even paying rent? With the Slayer and Dawn’s financial situation in the proverbial toilet, Buffy will decide either to go back to school or pursue a normal job. To her surprise, the real world packs quite a punch. You would be a complete freakin’ Zeppo to miss this fist-pummeling episode with more gore than America’s ex-Vice President. Slam your crucifix into Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

Oh yes, I forgot. This is the same network that shows WWF Smackdown

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Give ’em a break, okay? They’re doing the best they can to be considered a major TV network.

And having Buffy is a start. :^)

Jerry | 22 Oct 2001