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PBS Halloween Special: Sweeney Todd.

Hit or Miss

PBS Halloween Special: Sweeney Todd.

PBS Halloween Special: Sweeney Todd. The recent concert version (I paid a shitload for the NY Philharmonic limited-edition CD) is the basis for this new television special (filmed with the SF Symphony and Chorus). Sweet! Too bad Audra McDonald is not repeating her performance as the Beggar Woman. There’s also going to be a companion PBS website (premiering Oct 24).

The original PBS version of Sweeney Todd, with Angela Lansbury, was probably the first musical I ever saw (which explains why I grew up to be a Sondheim fan).

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which explains why I grew up to be a Sondheim fan.
yes. That and, you know, the whole gay thing.

Charles | 6 Oct 2001

Even though you will not ever e-mail me back does not mean I don’t check your site for information just like this. ..
I am so excited about Sweeney!
“Nothing’s going to harm you not while I’m around.”
Would love to hear from you-


You are actually link to my fav. sites on my dinky Compuserver web page 🙂

Ellen | 6 Oct 2001

I would pay more than a hundred dollars for a VHS tape of the original Angela Lansbury Sweeney. I would pay three times that for a DVD.

I would also like to add that I may not have known about the new PBS Sweeney if I didn’t read it here, which makes you, Matt, my new hero. Again. 🙂

BrainDan | 14 Oct 2001