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Hit or Miss

I was going to wait a few more weeks before I commented on the new fall TV season (since a few shows haven’t even premiered yet), but I want to go ahead and plug FOX’s Pasadena. It’s mysterious, it has creepy theme music (kind of like HBO’s Six Feet Under), and it has the marvelous Dana Delany (and the sexy newcomer Alan Simpson).

Since I like the show, it obviously will be one of the first shows to get cancelled this season.

Speaking of Pasadena, a little research reveals that one of the writers is Mike White (the guy behind Chuck and Buck, which I couldn’t bring myself to watch). I spotted him the other day in a cameo on the new show Undeclared, which happens to be from the creater of Freaks and Geeks (which Mark wrote for and Alan Simpson appeared on). And, Mark edits his own zine at impossiblefunky.com, which I link to only because I love the URL.