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Hit or Miss

I am fascinated by the idea of checking on my TiVo through a web interface, and have spent the greater part of today working on implementing it. Wanting this feature has finally made me brave enough to open my TiVo (thus voiding the warranty) and poke around inside. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update: 2 days later, I’ve managed to get a simple Bash shell up and running on my TiVo (it’s fascinating to poke around the directories), but I still can’t get PPP working so I can set up the web server. After pouring through all the websites I could find about setting up serial connections, I’ve discovered that getting your TiVo to work with Win2000 (or any Windows box at all) is difficult and not really worth the hastle. So, I’ve moved my linux server from my office to my living room so I can run the serial cable to it.