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Finders Keepers

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Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers. Thank God for the web. Reminiscing with my staff at dinner tonight over classic Nickelodeon game shows, we collectively remembered one featuring a life-size cutaway house where contestents trashed the rooms looking for objects but we couldn’t remember the name. Voila. Where do people find the time (and resources?) to put together these obscure fan pages?

Seriously though, Nickelodeon needs to spin off a new cable channel for Generation-X-ers, featuring all the great shows from our youth (like Danger Mouse, The Tomorrow People, The Lost Cities of Gold, Spartacus, etc). Too bad “NICK-X” sounds like a porn station…

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Ha! Thanks for that. I used to watch that show with my brother and sister. It used to drive us nuts because the real key to winning was to figure out the clue and know what you were looking for. But all the little idiots on the show would just start blindly trashing the rooms and more often than not end up tossing the target item over their shoulder in their haste.

We also used to love that one that was like the Newlywed Game, only with siblings. And at the end you had to race around this giant prize mountain whacking the buttons on the items you thought your sibling would want.

And don’t even get me started on Double Dare… 🙂

Kris | 24 Sep 2001

Thank God, I thought I was the only one that ever watched those shows. Just as a note, Nickelodeon does still show the old game shows at least on Nick GAS (Games and Sports). And yes, I am still watching them, especially late at night. What can I say, insomnia does have its benefits. Plus, I still have the home version of Finder’s Keepers (you can imagine just how much my parent’s loved the game when I was young)

Jerrod | 24 Sep 2001

I totally agree, ,I had this same conversation tonight and even said we need to have a channel with all old game shows like guts, double dare, legends of the hidden temple, finders keepers, nick arcade and the one with all the blurry pictures people had to guess

Anonymous | 19 Nov 2002

Hi, I think it is incredabile that you have a website dedicated to this old television show. I use to love Finder’s Keepers too. I was just wondering though do you actually the board game?
The website is great!

Jackie | 26 Apr 2003

can i be on your game show because i love it please wright back

sejla | 27 Jun 2003

I think I was like 6yrs old when I used to watch Double Dare and Finders Keepers. My 2nd oldest brother and I would sit there for hours and hours watching those shows and then when it was all over with, we would recreate them in our own house(you could really tell we were into those). I too still watch them to this day on Nick Gas! Its almost like Vh1’s I love the 80’s of t.v show’s….

Michelle | 15 Nov 2003