Hit or Miss

Allow me my own personal rejoicing.

As a terrible past couple of days gets even worse due to job-related stress, let me publically shout my joy over the news from CASTRECL that Nonesuch (one of my favorite record labels) is supposedly going to record the upcoming Dreamgirls benefit concert. Only a true showtune fag like me would get so giddy over this news.

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This IS great news! I live in Seattle, WA and don’t have any way to get to the concert, even though I want to BADLY! This showtune fag is certainly going to join in your rejoicing if they do release a recording

Ryan | 19 Sep 2001

The Dreamgirls Concert Cd release is tomorrow and this showtune fag is as giddy as a sugarplum fairy on Christmas Eve!!! I’ve read that listening to it is like hearing the whole show. Oh my!!!

Chris | 25 Feb 2002