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Hit or Miss

Due to a hard drive failure (on my only-2 month old new desktop), I’m temporarily reduced to using my old Pentium-200 Dell server, which I reinstalled Win 98 on. Browsing the web using IE 4, I can’t get over how shitty much of the web looks if you’re not using a 5+ browser (my own site included).

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So does this mean you no longer reccomend the place that your bought this computer. You had praised them previously and I was considering using them because of that.

Anonymous | 16 Sep 2001

I haven’t contacted the company about it yet. I’m waiting to see what my local computer store says first in diagnosing the problem (is it a virus? is it a physical failure?) before I decide if I need to contact them… I do know that John, who recommended the company to me, had a problem with his power supply and that they were very helpful and prompt in replacing it.

Matt | 16 Sep 2001

Last year I also had a hard drive failure on my 6-month-old Dell desktop. All efforts to resuscitate it were in vain, and I ended up losing all data.

Dell happily replaces the hard drive, but the warranty doesn’t pay for data recovery services. You’ll probably be told the same by GamePC.

I’m not sure it really reflects badly on Dell — hard drives do fail. Their collect&return is as efficient as can be. And as your experience shows, Matt, it can happen with any manufacturer.

francois | 18 Sep 2001