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Birthday review.

Hit or Miss

Birthday review.

Thanks go out to Bill of mermaniac.com, who sent me the original cast recording of Urinetown, and Max of lotsofco.org, who sent me both Rufus Wainwight’s self-titled debut album and Poses.

I went to Taco Bell for dinner with my assistant director Patrick and was surprised by all the other hall directors, who sang happy birthday to me. Then the manager gave me a card that the employees had made up for me real quick (which said “Happy Birthday Sir”) and a free Choco Taco, which I’ve always wanted to try but never had gotten around to buying before. Yummy.

Speaking of Taco Bell, I’d never visited their site before and hadn’t seen this press release about their shameless product placement in this summer’s Murder in Small Town X.

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“‘The heightened anticipation created by the murder investigation among the show’s viewers can be compared with the excitement our core target audience has for our brand,’ said Myers.”

Oh please. The only mystery at Taco Bell is what’s in the food and whether or not the cooks spit in it.

Jason | 10 Sep 2001