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Hit or Miss

And now back to your regularly scheduled weblog… Hall Director and SA training weeks and freshmen move-in day have come and gone and now I’m beginning to settle back into my regular schedule. I’ve really missed writing in my weblog the past 3 weeks or so, but that has been because I’ve been out interacting with so many different, interesting people — which in the end is imminently more satisfying.

I didn’t always like my job last year, which is something that I don’t think I’ve ever gone into much specific detail about here. Basically, last year I was a paper-jockey and didn’t get to spend much time connecting with my building residents. Thanks to the creation of some new administrative positions and a reworking of my job description, my experience is going to be very different this year. It’s going to be a challenge, albeit a rewarding one — I can already tell after just 3 days how exciting it will be to work with my residents, my hall senate, and my staff of SAs.

The photo in this entry was taken for our hall staff bulletin board. I almost don’t recognize myself — When did I turn into an adult? When did I gain so much weight? I’m currently at 160lbs, the most I’ve ever weighed and it’s a little depressing. And I know that I’ve been using food as a tool this past month, helping to ease my stress level. Even now, all I can think about is the box of Strawberry Creamcheese Ice Cream bars in my freezer…

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Don’t sweat it, darlin’. You look fabulous. It’s good to have you back!

Anonymous | 21 Aug 2001

160!?! (gasp)

Anonymous | 22 Aug 2001

Hey Matt… thought of you while you were on blog hiatus, when a car with a Truman University (faculty?) parking sticker showed up in front of my condo… seems little old Provo (and 30000 strong BYU) has a transplant from your neck of the woods!

Vis10n | 22 Aug 2001

Yay, Matt! Interacting with students has got to be one of the most rewarding aspects of working in a college, so I hope this year works out for you.

And you’re looking good! As someone who hasn’t seen 160 since I was a freshman in college, let me just say that you wear it well.

Bill | 22 Aug 2001

So glad you’re back, Matt–life on the “education calendar” makes for weird bursts of activity, doesn’t it? And I have to say the “weight” looks really good on you…and you know it must be sincere when it comes from a freak with body issues like mine! Here’s to both of us having a good fall semester.

Max | 22 Aug 2001

Uh, yeah, as someone who hasn’t seen 160 since junior high, I’d say not to fret it.

Jason | 22 Aug 2001