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Hit or Miss

My recent redesign will be the last bit of work on do on this site for a while due to GREASE opening tomorrow night, followed by a week and a half of Hall Director training, followed by a week of Student Advisor training, and then Freshmen week at my university (basically I will have no free time for the entire month of August).

Someone really needs to get a stick out of their ass — the list of glbt weblogs and journals I compile is just a hobby, but one of the people listed there keeps complaining about the way his site is listed. Maybe if he didn’t insist on non-standard characters and complicated HTML… You don’t like the way I do it? Start your own freaking list.

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Go on, Matt. Link and tell.

Bill | 25 Jul 2001

Looks like this is the post I asked for… thanks! The redesign looks great. There were a few days in there that it wasn’t Mac IE friendly, but oh well! Reads like a dream, too. Nicely sized text… and look! no more sock pic! Cool. As for your debut, best of luck… and break a leg (but go easy on your back, mate)!

Vis10n | 25 Jul 2001