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Hit or Miss


A.I.. There’s not much to say about the film that hasn’t been said by all the critics. It reminded me a lot of all the worst aspects of the film version of The Wiz. And, yes, I felt emotionly cheated at the end when I teared up a little, but I think that my reaction came more from my own family experience of being the oddball, dealing with homosexuality, and trying to please my parents rather than anything Speilberg was doing.

I might have enjoyed the film more if it hadn’t been for the incredibly rude high school students sitting behind us who ridiculed the film the whole way through. Yes, the teddy bear and the robots were silly looking. No, I didn’t need it pointed out over and over with snide laughter and tasteless comments.

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I’ve heard it all… but I liked A.I. … not like I liked Chocolat, or Gattaca, or others, but I did like it.

And I really liked the bear. A lot.

And to quote the review I saw over at Netflix (Man! What a great service!):

“A wonderous, thought-provoking, singularly adult film. Little David’s (Haley Joel Osment) journey into — and transendantly, through — the human realm is a complex marriage of the summer sci-fi genre, and the intelligent (if slightly unnerving) work one has come to expect from Kubrick. Although not entirely without problems, the film is nevertheless a masterpiece.”

Vis10n | 16 Jul 2001