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A dream come true.

Hit or Miss

A dream come true.

For the week of Thursday, July 12th, to Wednesday, July 18th, I get to be a
Nielsen household and report what I’ve watched on TV (I randomly received the tv log book in the mail).

I’m excited and stoked by the responsibility, but couldn’t they have tapped me back in September or October when all my favorite new shows were getting pummeled in the ratings and subsequently canceled?

I watch a lot of cable instead of network TV, so I’m curious to see how many of the shows I watch this week show up in next week’s Nielsen ratings (I’ll have to make a graph).

The other curious thing is that they take VCR recording into consideration, but there’s nothing in the booklet about TiVos or other
PTVRs. I called their question line and the person told me to write down what I watch as if I was using a VCR. But of course, we all know TiVo is so much more. It seems like it’s going to take Nielsen a while to catch up with how they impact television watching (the lady on the phone told me she had only gotten her first question about TiVos the week before).

So anyway, check out what I’m watching this week.