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Hit or Miss

Is there a moreover.com-style service for weather? I want to be able to easily download the local temperature every 15 minutes (without having to parse a webpage) so I can instruct my air condtioner to turn on or off (X10 switches rule).

I also want to find a lightweight program for my Windows-box that can use my modem every 15 minutes to see if there’s a stutter tone on the line (indicating voicemail), so I can automatically send a page to myself letting me know to check my phone.

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Oh my God, Matt–everytime I read about one of your incredible “automated living space HAL 9000” projects like this, I just freak out at how…TOMORROW it all is.

Sorry–had to gush. I’m so damn impressed!

Max | 25 Jun 2001

Cool. When I worked for an ISP, we had automatic monitoring/paging systems for our production servers. It’s a useful thing!

Jason | 26 Jun 2001

Oops. That goes to the post before after this one, about the new PHP monitoring script. Hee hee.

Jason | 27 Jun 2001