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Murder in Small Town X

Murder in Small Town X. After mistaking it from the TV ads as just another cheesy movie of the week, I finally discovered that this new FOX show is quite possibly the coolest reality show/game show concept I’ve ever heard of: 10 strangers are dropped off in a small town populated by improv actors and are challenged to solve a fictional murder. Each week, one contestant becomes the next “murder victim,” until the last player is left to solve the crime. Forget eating bugs, this is the show I’d want to be on.

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So are the nine other victims just contestants who don’t do as well solving the mystery (a la The Mole), or other improv actors whose deaths fit into the grand scheme of the game, with the audience’s entertainment coming from trying to figure out which one’s the real person?

If this show works, it should cause a new little boomlet in mystery weekends and dinner party games. All with my blessings.

Mike B | 24 Jun 2001

All 10 people are contestants, one of whom will “win” by lasting till the end and “solving” the murder.

Matt | 25 Jun 2001

Sounds like producers have found a way around the current litigations by not even hiding the fact that it’s the producers who will be choosing who gets knocked off. Or is that just my perception?

Vis10n | 26 Jun 2001

Yes where can i find out about the actor named Kent George whon played the reverend Rusty on Murder In Small Town X? Every since i saw the show i’ve been in love with him!!! he’s so dreamy, Kent, if you’re reading this now, i love ya!!!!!!!! yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palaneseya Chappelle | 11 Jun 2002

Yea, could someone or whoever reads this tell me where can i get copies of all the episodes of the show Mmurder In Small Town X? I’ve been looking for two years now!!! someone please say you have it. If you have copies to sell please email me ata [email protected] thanks bye!!!!

Palaneseya Chappelle | 18 Sep 2002