Hit or Miss

Have TiVo hackers gone too far?

Have TiVo hackers gone too far?. Forget the rumored financial difficulties, this will either give TiVo a much needed boost in publicity or help them go out of business a whole lot faster (entertainment industry lawsuits anyone?).

While having on-demand MPEG streams of the shows saved on my TiVo would be nice, I’m too much of a wuss to attempt all the hardware modification needed to trick out my box. I’d be happy just being able to add/modify recording requests through the web. Competitor ReplayTV offers that ability, but in a compromised way: you visit their website and log in with your customer ID. Then, any additions you make to your recording schedule are downloaded to your ReplayTV box during its nightly call for programming data. TiVo also makes nightly calls, so you’d think they could offer that service; but really how useful would it be if you didn’t have realtime access to the schedule on your TiVo box?